TROUBLED WATERS: 10,000 Migrants Camp Under Texas Bridge, Bathing in Rio Grande

Fox News shared shocking drone footage of more than 10,000 migrants camping out under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas; border patrol agents are overwhelmed.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz sent the following tweet before appearing on Fox News: “Right now, 10,503 illegal aliens are under the Del Rio International Bridge.Everyone under the bridge is there because of Joe Biden’s disastrous policies. #BidenBorderCrisis”

This scene comes just days after reports of more record-breaking migrant encounters at the southern border – more than 200,000 crossings in August alone.

“The 208,887 encounters in August are a drop from July’s more than 212,000, but it still amounts to a 317 percent increase over August 2020, when there were 50,014 apprehensions, and a 233 percent jump from August 2019, which recorded 62,707 apprehensions,” the New York Post reports.

”​​This is Joe Biden’s fault. This is Kamala Harris’ fault. This is…barbaric​,” Cruz wrote on Twitter.