It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the Biden Administration to hide the disaster at the southern border, a situation that’s likely to deteriorate in the coming weeks. During a report from Ciudad Juarez–a city just south El Paso, Texas across the U.S.-Mexico Border–MSNBC correspondent Cal Perry explained the dire situation.

“In El Paso they say they just do not have the resources to deal with this many migrants,” said … “They say it’s unsustainable and they expect the situation here to get even worse, with a bigger migrant influx potentially next week as Title 42 is lifted.”

Title 42, is public health policy first imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed federal authorities to swiftly expel migrants at US land borders. The order is set to officially expire on December 21.

“What a tragic humanitarian crisis,” said MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart in response to the report.

The Biden administration is expecting the situation at the border to deteriorate in the coming weeks. According to Axios, the White House is preparing for the possibility of 14,000 migrant crossings per day, as title 42 officially comes to an end.

Watch the video below:

Title 42 was the last line of defense for America’s already embattled U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. Once it’s gone, the flood gates will be wide open and images like these will become far more common.

Things are about to get worse.

Much worse.