TKO: Boxer Jake Paul Hits Biden on Gas Prices, Inflation, Economy

YouTube influencer turned Boxer Jake Paul had some harsh words for President Joe Biden and Biden voters over the weekend; he shared his opinion in a tweet that picked up more than 124K likes.

Paul Tweeted:

“Biden accomplishments

1. Highest gas prices
2. Worst inflation
3. Plummeting crypto prices 
4. Highest rent prices ever 
5. Created new incomprehensible language 

If you read this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem.” 

Paul’s twitter take got some support from conservatives.

“Never thought I’d retweet Jake Paul but here we are. This is 100% spot on,” wrote the Chicks on the Right podcast account. 

Not surprisingly, Paul was also blasted by critics on the left, some who felt they had to “educate him.”

“Jake Paul proved why he is an idiot. Let me educate you, rich white boy,” Democrat Arizona state representative candidate Ryan Shead wrote.

And, of course, Olbermann showed up.