TIME TO PANIC: Dems Freaking Out After Fetterman Debate, ‘Really Questioning the Judgment’

Democrats can no longer protect John Fetterman.

After Tuesday night’s debate with GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz, Democrats are sounding the alarm over Fetterman’s glaring health issues and viability as a candidate.

Chris Kofinis, a veteran Democratic campaign strategist, told NBC: “He should not have debated. Anyone on his team who agreed to a debate should be fired, or never work again, because that debate may have tanked his campaign.”

From Fox News:

Several Democrats were apparently “shocked” by the extent of Fetterman’s speaking difficulties during the debate, leaving some Democrats to question why he was still running.

One senior Senate Democratic aide told NBC they found Fetterman’s performance “startling.”

“I really question the judgment that he continued with this race,” the person said.

“Folks are pretty much freaking out on the Dem side,” Khari Mosley, a Pittsburgh-based Democratic consultant and grassroots activist added.

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