TIME TO MOVE ON, JOE: Governors Tell Biden it’s Time to Leave the Pandemic Behind

While they may not see eye to eye on much, Democrat and Republican governors agree: it’s time to move on from pandemic panic. That was one of the big takeaways from the National Governors Association’s winter meeting.

“There’s a number of areas that we have full agreement on, and that is one: We need to move away from the pandemic,” Arkanasa Governor Asa Hutchinson said, adding, “and we asked the President to help give us clear guidelines on how we can return to a greater state of normality.”

Hutchinson says America’s governors want to “partner with the administration” to help the U.S. “move beyond the pandemic,” CNN reported.

“Obviously, you can’t move away from a virus that’s still there. You can’t control that.” He added that “people are striving for more normal life.”

“I think we’ve moved to that very quickly,” the governor continued, “but we need to have the guidelines very clear as to how you actually structurally move from the pandemic state of things to an endemic where you’re managing this virus like you would other illnesses in our country.”