THUNBERG ALERT: ‘If We Don’t Change, We’re F**KED!’

Eco-anxiety is back on the menu – fish, however, are not.

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has released a series of new videos lecturing Americans on just about everything: what we eat, how we live, our relationship with nature. The NowThisNews video has nearly 120,000 views:

According to Thunberg, “Every year we kill more than 60 billion animals, excluding fish, whose numbers are so great that we only measure their lives by weight. What about their thoughts and feelings?” she asked.

Responses on Twitter were swift and divisive, with one account admonishing NowThisNews for censoring her profanity and another simply saying, “She is a child and not an expert on anything.”

According to Ben Johnson over at The Daily Wire, “Greta Thunberg stretches the truth at times, bends or breaks it at others, and downgrades the unique place of human beings in creation. Her overblown claims might provoke greater cases of “eco-anxiety,” but they don’t point the way to a brighter or more sustainable future.”