‘THIS IS THE NEW RIGHT’: Jesse Kelly Tells Communists He’s ‘Sitting in Florida Drinking a Bloody Mary’

The First TV’s Jesse Kelly refused to back-down from comments he made on Fox News this week; dismissing far-left allegations he’s under fire while confirming he’s “sitting on a Florida beach drinking a Bloody Mary.”

“They do this all the time. The communist lives in his own bubble. So one of them gets mad and then another gets mad and soon everyone he knows is mad. So he thinks I’m ‘under fire’. I’m sitting on a Florida beach drinking a Bloody Mary with my egg sandwich in my hand. Smiling,” posted Kelly on Twitter.


“My word. I look fantastic. Also, I love how they print these articles and try to get me to back off or explain myself or apologize. This is The New Right, communists. I’ll say something you hate even more the next time. Stand by,” he added.