‘THIS IS NOT AMERICA’: Gabbard Blasts Jan 6th Hearing, ‘Dems Don’t Want to Deal With Real Issues’

Former congresswoman and Democratic candidate for President Tulsi Gabbard had harsh words for Democrats and the prime-time January 6th Committee hearing Thursday night; she says ‘this is not America.”

Gabbard spoke exclusively with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the matter. Excerpts below.

“Why are the news networks colluding with a political party to tell us this is the most important thing?” Carlson asked.

“Because whether you’re talking about the mainstream media or you’re talking about Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, or Congress, frankly, they don’t care about the real threats that we face domestically to our freedoms and our democracy,” Gabbard replied. “Instead, they’re focusing on this; they don’t want to deal with the real issues that Americans are struggling with every day across the country: increasing inflation, rising gas prices, increasing crime, open borders.”

“Right now we’ve got the Biden administration, we’ve got the Department of Justice, the mainstream media, Big Tech, all colluding to undermine our rights and civil liberties and freedoms,” she stated. “I don’t see Congress taking action to address and deal with that threat. So if they really wanted to uphold their oath they swore, that’s exactly what they should be focused on right now.”

“This is not America,” Gabbard said bluntly. “This is what’s so crazy and what’s angering and sad; all of these things at the same time is: This is not the vision that our Founders had for America.”

Watch the clip below: