‘THIS IS CRAZINESS’: Blackburn Shuts Down Biden’s Victory Lap on the Economy

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke with Newsmax about how most Americans aren’t buying the Biden victory lap on the economy; Joe says the U.S. economy is strong. Blackburn says ‘give me a break.’

“Inflation is up and the price of a gallon of gas at the pump has more than doubled since he took office,” the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “This business of saying, ‘Oh, inflation, it’s only 8.5 percent,’ people are saying, You got to be kidding me.”

“The cost of a pair of tennis shoes, running shoes, equipment for kids for sports, the cost of fertilizer, everything is through the roof, and Joe Biden wants to tell you and have you believe that you are better off today than you were when he took office,” she said. “This is craziness, and the American people know this, and they’re very frustrated.”

“You’re trying to plant cotton or soy or row crops, and you’re going, I don’t know if I can afford to put the crop in the ground, and this is a problem,” Blackburn said. “You’re talking about [their] livelihood.”

Blackburn also blasted the Democratic Party for trying to control everything.

“They want to control energy,” she said. “They want to control the economy. Look at what they’re doing around solar panels. These show you that they are trying to have that Soviet-style, socialist-style government industrial policy. You have to look at this and say, OK, these steps have to be intentional, constantly telling you that what you are seeing and hearing and experiencing is not accurate.”