‘THIS IS CANADA —NOT A DICTATORSHIP’: Watch Conservative Party Leader Torch Trudeau for Abuses of Power

Canadian Conservative party leader Candice Bergen torched Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Parliament floor —reminding him that Canada is not a dictatorship.

“The law is clear. Any limitations to Canadians fundamental freedoms must be justified and must meet a legal criteria…the Prime Minister hasn’t given Canadians a clear reason why he’s invoking the Emergencies Act —in fact, things are deescalating as we speak. So why is the Prime Minister using this hammer on Canadians? Isn’t it true he’s using it just to save his own political skin?”

“I understand the Prime Minister admires basic dictatorships, but let’s remind the Prime Minister this is Canada —this is not a dictatorship.”

Watch the full clip below. [H/t TownHall]