‘THIS INSANITY HAS TO STOP’: Lankford Torches Biden’s Border Plan, ‘Will Only Make it Worse’

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) says Joe Biden’s border plan won’t make slow immigration —in fact, it will make it worse. Lankford recently blasted Biden in a press conference and released a statement.

Excerpts of the statement and clip below:

The plan that we were given yesterday, this plan statement that came in from Alejandro Mayorkas, this plan that was supposed to define out for us, is not a plan at all. It’s basically how they’re going to move people into the country faster. It notes things like currently they’re releasing people into the country and giving them eight years before there’s a hearing. They’re going to now just catch and release people the same at a faster pace, moving them into the country, and say, ‘Now you’ve got to check in within a year.’

But there is no evaluation. There’s no chase on those individuals if they don’t check in, so whether it’s an eight-year time period, where it is now,  or whether they magically move that to a one-year time period, there’s no change. Fascinatingly enough, in this report, they say they’re lifting Title 42 authority at the border because there’s no COVID at the border, but they can’t detain individuals because there’s COVID in their detention facilities.

So there’s no COVID when you’re crossing the border, but if you actually hold people in detention, then there’s mass COVID. So we can’t actually hold people in detention. So they don’t increase bed space at all in this process. This is a major problem.

And can I tell you, if you read through the report—and I hope you do—from what they call a supposed plan. This is not a plan. This is just what they plan to be able to carry out to do to increase the numbers even more. It’s not a plan to decrease the numbers. And I can say that not based on my opinion, but based on theirs.

Go to the back of their report, of their supposed plan on this. They end with their conclusion statement. May I read this to you? The conclusion statement says, ‘Despite the best efforts of our dedicated DHS workforce and our partners executing this comprehensive plan, a significant increase in migrant encounters will substantially strain our system even further.’