‘THEY ARE BOUND TO FAIL’: Even CNN Says There’s ‘No Path’ For Biden’s Voting Bill

Sorry Joe —the news isn’t good. Even CNN Congressional reporter Manu Raju is saying “that’s a wrap.” Manu says that with Kyrsten Sinema a firm “no” there is “virtually no path” for Joe.

“It’s not going very well for the White House. In fact, they are bound to fail. There’s virtually no path for this happening,” Raju said from Capitol Hill.

“Kyrsten Sinema shut the door to any changes to the Senate filibuster rules even before Joe Biden came here,” Raju continued. “And remember just the process of how this would play out. In order to pass a bill through the regular order, to overcome a filibuster in the Senate, that requires 60 votes — that means 50 Democrats, ten Republicans.”

“Republicans are steadfast against these two bills that Democrats are trying to approve, the Freedom to Vote Act and also the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, they oppose that,” Raju explained. “Now the other way is to change the rules. In order two change the rules to allow the bill to pass by just 51 votes — 50 votes with Kamala Harris breaking the tie — they need all Democrats on board in the 50/50 Senate. Sinema said she will not support lowering the 60-vote threshold, she worries that could have drastic ramifications for the country in the long term.”

Sounds like it’s over, Joe. But you already knew that, didn’t you?