‘THESE MEN ARE GIVING THEIR LIVES’: Del Rio Residents Stand Up for Border Agents

Despite the Biden administration’s lack of support for Border Patrol agents down in Del Rio, Texas – accusing them of whipping immigrants and threatening to terminate the unvaccinated – the residents of Del Rio are sending a different message: we support our agents.

“These men are giving their lives, leaving their families, to come here and to secure us. I’m personally very thankful,” a local man said. “We’ve been here for 54 years … I’ve watched when there was a multitude of people coming, their kindness to them,” his wife added.

“They’re wonderful people. “We back them completely,” the woman said. “We say don’t lie about them. Please don’t lie about them.”

And what about those images and the White House’s ‘whipping’ investigation? One local business owner thinks we need to give Border Patrol more credit.

“What they’re doing is putting just images, and when you see the video, they’re trying to get people not to cross back anymore,” said business owner Jose Carlos

“They do a very, very hard job,” Carlos added. “I think they need to get a little bit more credit for what they do.”

[h/t Fox News]