‘THESE ARE THUGS, WE WILL NOT BE SILENT’: Pro-Life Group Attacked With Molotov Blasts Biden’s Weak Response

President of Wisconsin Family Action Julaine Appling is speaking out after the attack on her group’s office; WFA was hit with a Molotov cocktail and vandalized over the weekend in response to the leaked majority opinion from SCOTUS regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“We need stronger leadership that makes it very clear that we don’t just disagree with it. We are calling for it to stop right now,” Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling told Fox News Digital by phone Monday. “I understand the president used the word condemn. And, you know, is saying this is not what we think is appropriate, but there needs to be an overt call to stop it. And for him to say we’re going to do what we need to do at the federal level to find these people and bring them to justice.” 

“I did not hear that in that statement,” she added. 

According to Fox News, “No one was working at the time, so thankfully no one was inside or hurt in the incident, Appling said, adding: ‘it was obvious that their intent was for it to be worse.'”

“These are thugs,” Appling says. “They are attempting to bully us, to intimidate us. We will not be silent. Our message is truth. It is right. It is good. And you know, if we’re silent, they win. We’re not doing that.” 

The White House released an official response to the attack early Monday, stating “The President has made clear throughout his time in public life that Americans have the fundamental right to express themselves under the Constitution, whatever their point of view,” the official added. “But that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism, or attempts to intimidate.”