THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA: Man Drives to Mayfield with Food & Water, ‘Figured I’d Do What I Can Do’

When Jim Finch saw the horrific damage done by tornadoes in Mayfield, Kentucky, he loaded up his truck with a grill, food and water and drove to help out folks in the area.

ABC News’ Victor Ordoñez tweeted out a short video of Finch explaining his actions.

“I know they don’t have no electricity, so that means they don’t have no electric, no restaurants, no running water, so I just figured I’d do what I can do,” the man, identified as Jim Finch, said. “Show up with some food and some water.”

“Jim wore a smile the whole morning, we laugh when I asked if he had a restaurant. He shook his head, ‘it just needed to be done,'” Ordoñez added.

According to AP News, “Kentucky authorities said the sheer level of destruction was hindering their ability to tally the devastation from Friday night’s storms. At least 64 people were killed in the state alone.”