THE RIGHT TO DECIDE: Virginia Senate Passes Bill Ending School Mask Mandates

A victory for Glenn Youngkin and his administration.

According to, “The Virginia Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would prevent local school boards from levying mask mandates and from punishing students whose parents opt to send their child to school without a mask.”

The Senate voted 21 to 17 in favor of the bill; a bipartisan effort to end the mandates.

State Senator Siobhan Dunnavant shared the news on Twitter:

“SB 739 has passed the Senate with bipartisan support! This is a big win for our kids and families! In person instruction and parental mask options are important to the well-being and development of our children. On to the House and a quick trip to the Governor’s desk!”

Governor Glenn Youngkin also celebrated the win:

“Kids across the Commonwealth win with this bipartisan vote today. Parents are now empowered to decide whether their children should wear a mask in schools.”

The bill is expected to fly through the GOP-controlled House.