THE RED CARPET: China and Russia Accept Taliban Rule, Will Formally Recognize Terror Group

A move that surprises no one.

America’s enemies are lining up to formally recognize the Taliban as rulers of Afghanistan after they captured Kabul and seized the Presidential Palace over the weekend. 

China, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey will break with other world powers to recognize the terrorist group. According to The Daily Mail, “Most global powers are reluctant to recognise the rule of the militant group overthrown by US-led coalition forces in 2001…But Beijing and Islamabad could break rank in order to form closer ties with the likely new government, with Chinese state media preparing its people to accept the likely scenario that the ruling Communist Party might have to recognise the Islamist group.”

“The [Taliban] has ‘good relations with Russia’ and a ‘policy in general to ensure safe conditions for the functioning of the Russian and other embassies,” news agency AP quoted Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman.

Many pundits on the right aren’t surprised by the blossoming axis of evil, including radio host Dana Loesch:

“China and Russia prepare to accept Taliban rule of Afghanistan” — Of course they do. Taliban has been meeting with China months ago but our own suits and intel were “stunned” that the Taliban organized and moved so fast?