THE QUICK AND THE DEAD: Armed Civilian Eli Dicken Neutralized Indiana Mall Shooter in 15 Seconds

Good guy with a gun Eli Dicken is being celebrated for his heroic, selfless act during the Greenwood Mall shooting in Indiana. Dicken, who was legally carrying a firearm, neutralized the mass shooter.

And it only took 15 seconds.

According to initial reports from the scene, Dicken has taken two minutes to end the shooting spree. Now, Greenwood Police Chief James Ison is correcting the record —it was just 15 seconds.

The record was corrected in a media release from the department.

“#BreakingNews Greenwood police revise timeline–now say Armed Citizen Eli Dicken neutralized mall shooter in a mere 15 seconds–not 2 minutes as previously stated. #GreenwoodParkMall @WTHRcom”

Read the release below: