THE LAMEST JOE ON EARTH: Biden Draws Tiny Crowd for Labor Day Speech in Pennsylvania

Well, Joe —you may have an enthusiasm problem.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, President Joe Biden delivered Labor Day remarks to a “pitifully small” crowd at an event on Monday in support of John Fetterman’s Senatorial campaign.

From The Daily Mail:

The crowd, which could be described as being in the dozens, gathered outside of the United Steelworkers of America Local Union 2227 hall in West Mifflin, a town southeast of Pittsburgh. The event was open to members of the union. 

While some professional photos from the event concealed just how sparse the crowd was, others showed the paltry number of people who showed up to hear the president’s words.  

Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs captured the “scale” of the event.

During his speech, Biden referred to ex-President Donald Trump as the “former, defeated, president.” 

“It’s clear which way he wants to look. It’s clear which way the new MAGA Republicans are. They’re extreme.”

“Trump and the MAGA Republicans made their choice. We can make ours: We can choose to build a better America or continue down this sliding path,” he added.