THE HORROR! Elon Musk Makes Author Stephen King Look Like a Fool in Savage Twitter Exchange

Billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Twitter Elon Musk, had a mic drop moment with famed author, Stephen King after the master of horror suggesting he donate his $8 Twitter check mark to the Prytula Foundation, a Ukrainian charity that provides lifesaving services in Ukraine.

Musk, who had recently claimed he was personally footing the bill for several celebrities’ verification, did not take kindly to King’s suggestion. He responded by asking the author how much he had donated himself, reminding him that he had donated $100m to Ukraine. Musk’s tweet included a retweet from Ukrainian minister Mykhailo Fedorov, thanking him for donating Starlink terminals to Ukraine.

King responded, “Musk has given $100 million to Ukrainian charities. Excellent. Slava Ukraini!”

The exchange between the two came less than a week after Musk made changes to the website’s famed blue checkmarks, which had been a hallmark of Twitter for years. In the past, blue checks were a symbol of verification, showing that a user’s account had been confirmed as belonging to the person they claimed to be. Now, users must pay an $8 fee for the mark.