‘THE EDUCATION STATE’: Watch DeSantis Announce $289 Million Commitment to Help Struggling Students

Governor Ron DeSantis wants Florida to be known as ‘The Education State’ —and he’s putting his (Florida’s) money where his mouth is, announcing nearly $300 million in new education funding. According to DeSantis’ office, this commitment “will close achievement gaps, improve STEM education and booster student resiliency.”

Funding break down is as follows:

  • $105 million to after-school and summer learning camps that help struggling students catch up.
  • $47 million for materials aligned to Florida’s new standards for English, math, civics and Holocaust education.
  • $50 million will go to support reading intervention and professional development for reading coaches.
  • $44 million will go to support STEM and hands-on learning programs.
  • $22.5 million will go for resources to help parents be more involved in their children’s education
  • $5 million will be to establish Regional Mental Health Resiliency Teams that serve students.

Watch the announcement below: