THE DEATH OF DISNEY? New Film ‘Strange World’ Bombs at Box Office, Set to Lose $100M

Can Bob Iger turn this ship around?

According to a report from Fox Business, Disney’s latest animated offering Strange World bombed at the box office over the holiday weekend —taking in just $4.2 million opening night.

From Fox Business:

The animated movie, “Strange World” boasted a budget of $180 million, as the disappointing results – over a five-day period — totaled just $24 million, according to Variety.

The plummeting box office results of Disney’s “Strange World” comes on the heels of the announcement of Bob Iger returning as chief executive of the Walt Disney Company after less than a year in retirement. 

The company’s board announced Iger’s shocking return Sunday night and said Bob Chapek, who succeeded Iger in 2020, had stepped down from the position.

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