THE BUCKEYE BACKS PARENTS: Ohio GOP Introduces Parental Rights in Education Bill

Florida’s fight for parental rights is contagious.

Ohio House Reps. Mike Loychik and Jean Schmidt have introduced a bill similar to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that would ban sexual identity and gender instruction in grades K-3.

“Curriculum about gender identity and sexuality has no place in K-3 classrooms, period,” Loychik tweeted. “That’s why I just introduced a bill to ban curriculum about sexuality and gender identity until 3rd grade in Ohio.”

“The classroom is a place that seeks answers for our children without political activism,” Schmidt said in a statement. “Parents deserve and should be provided a say in what is taught to their children in schools.”

According to the Daily Wire, “The bill [bans] material related to critical race theory, mimicking language from a South Dakota law that restricts divisive concepts in the classroom. The bill specifically includes the prohibition of teaching critical race theory, intersectional theory, the 1619 Project, diversity, equity, and inclusion learning outcomes, and inherited racial guilt.”