‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME’: A Defiant Trump Drops Campaign-Style Ad HOURS After Mar-a-Lago Raid

That didn’t take long.

Former President Donald Trump released. nearly 4-minute campaign-style video in the hours following the raid on his residence in Mar-a-Lago. Trump shredded Biden’s America, but also promised hope and help is on the way, fueling rumors that he’s preparing to announce a 2024 election bid.

From The New York Post:

“We are a nation that has the highest inflation in over 40 years, where the stock market just finished the worst first half of a year in more than five decades,” he says amid a long list of failings by his successor, Joe Biden.

“We are a nation that has the highest energy cost in its history. We are no longer energy independent or energy dominant, which we were just two short years ago,” he says, referring to his time in the White House.

“We are a nation that is begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil. We are a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead soldiers, American citizens and $85 billion worth of the finest military equipment in the world,” Trump notes.

“We are a nation that is allowing Iran to build a massive nuclear weapon and China to use the trillions and trillions of dollars it’s taken from the United States to build the military to rival our own.

“We are a nation that over the past two years is no longer respected all around the world.”

At home, we no longer allow free speech — and a country “whose educational system is ranked at the bottom of every list,” he claims.

“We are a nation that in many ways has become a joke. But soon we will have greatness again,” Trump promises — as stirring strings and color images kick in.

“It’s hard-working patriots like you who built our country — and it’s hard-working patriots like you who are going to save our country,” he tells his followers.

“There is no mountain we cannot climb; there is no summit we cannot reach; there is no challenge we cannot beat; there is no victory we cannot have,” he promises.

“We will not bend, we will not break, we will not yield ever, ever, ever. We will never give in, we will never give up, and we will never, ever back down.

“We will never let you down. As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a little chance.,’ he says.

“Because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God alone — and it is time to start talking about greatness in our country again.”

The video then cuts to the message “… the best is yet to come.”

Watch the ad below:

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