The 25 best gadgets and products for preppers and preparedness

When you start to think about preparedness, you will hear a lot about building a survival kit. But what does that look like? What’s essential and what’s not?

The answers to those questions will depend a lot on you and your prepper goals, but we’ve put together a list of gadgets that are ideal for beginner and advanced preppers.


Dehydration can happen quickly and be very dangerous. Having a sustainable and safe water source for drinking, cleaning and cooking is absolutely essential. Here’s a list of products that can suit different situations and budgets. Experts recommend having a gallon of water per person per day on hand in an emergency situation.


In the hierarchy of needs, food is a close second to water. There are survival and emergency food kits available for purchase, but they can be expensive and have a shelf life. We recommend you build a personal food kit based on your own needs. This will mean you have food you will actually eat and you can rotate your stockpile to keep it fresh.


In any emergency situation, you’ll need to eat and having a back-up cooking source is always a smart idea. Whether you use it during power outages, at the campsite or in a survival setting, here are a few options.


Access to a reliable power source is very important. Preparing a power source can range from building an off-grid solar-power system to having an emergency generator on hand during outages. No matter your goal, here are a few basic items to consider.

“Go” Bags

You’ll need a sturdy and flexible bag to help carry all of these gadgets. There are literally hundreds of backpacks to choose from and everyone has a favorite. You’ll want something that can fit three days of supplies and is comfortable to carry. Remember to think about your personal and family needs when selecting a bag – to include how much you can physically carry. Fire and water-proof bags are also a good investment to protect important documents that you want to take with you.

Hygiene and medical

In addition to ensuring you have a supply of medication specific to your family needs, it’s a good idea to have a general first aid kit and supply of other hygiene products set aside for emergencies. Not on this list, but good to include, would be cleaning products like bleach and hand soap.


In an emergency situation, tensions and emotions can run high. And when that happens, people don’t always make the best decisions. It’s smart to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones. In addition to security, these items can be used for other survival needs.


If traditional communication like phone and internet fail, you’ll still need a way to get news and communicate with others. These items are a good way to stay connected to the outside world.

Other essentials

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