THAT’S THE PLAN? Kamala Harris Pledges $310M in ‘Foreign Aid’ to Solve Border Crisis

Vice President and ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris pledged an additional $310 million in taxpayer funds to foreign countries this week in an effort to gain control of our own southern border with Mexico.

“Harris offered an additional $310 million to address food insecurity in the region. Guatemala, like other countries in the Northern Triangle, has been trying to recover from hurricanes, drought and COVID-19 infections. Harris said these conditions caused many to leave their homes despite preferring to stay,” reports Fox News.

“Today I hosted Guatemala President Giammattei for a virtual meeting. We’re working together to address the immediate needs of the Guatemalan people, deliver relief, and deepen cooperation on migration. Over time I’m confident we can build a foundation of hope for a better future,” posted Karris on Twitter.

“The U.S. also agreed to train members of a Guatemalan task force responsible for protecting the country’s borders and putting a brake on uncontrolled migration. The United States will also help Guatemala to build shelters for returned migrants and help the migrants transition back to life in their home communities,” adds Fox.

h/t Fox News