That’s a New One… Elizabeth Warren Says Canceling Student Debt Will Promote ‘Generational Justice!’

Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren made another passionate plea for the elimination of student debt Thursday by promoting another new benefit: ‘Generational Justice.’

“Canceling $50,000 of student debt would help close the Black-white wealth gap, put money in people’s pockets, and lift a huge weight off millions of shoulders. It is a matter of racial justice. It is a matter of economic justice. And it is a matter of generational justice,” posted Warren on Twitter.

Warren and New York Senator Chuck Schumer urged President Biden to use his executive authority to “cancel” $50,000 of student loans with the stroke of his pen; effectively bypassing Congress altogether.

“Whether you’re black, or brown, or white but it’s really hitting communities of color the hardest because of generations of discrimination,” added the Senator from Massachusetts.