THAT WAS FAST: Loser De Blasio Quits House Race, Says ‘Time for Me To Leave Electoral Politics’

The Worst Mayor in the History of New York City quit his doomed race for the House of Representatives Tuesday, saying it was time for him to leave “electoral politics.”

Bill De Blasio abruptly quit his campaign to represent New York’s 10th Congressional district just weeks after announcing his candidacy.

“I’ve listened really carefully to people and it’s clear to me that when it comes to this congressional district, people are looking for another option, and I respect that,” De Blasio said in a video posted on Twitter. “And I just want to say I love the people of this city, I really want to keep serving and I’m going to find a different way to serve.”

“I’m feeling a lot of gratitude, I’m also recognizing I made mistakes, I want to do better in the future, I want to learn from those mistakes,” he said. “And it’s been a humbling experience, but it’s been a healthy experience.”