TEXAS TOUGH: Gov. Abbott Announces $308 Million in Border and Public Safety Funding

If the President won’t help keep Texans safe, Governor Greg Abbott will.

The Governor’s office announced $308 million dollars in public safety spending for a variety of programs in Texas – including Homeland Security and local border security.

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our communities, and the State of Texas continues to bolster programs and services that help keep Texans safe,” Abbott said.

“This $308 million in grant funding for public safety initiative gives even more support to organizations and agencies that work tirelessly to protect our communities, advocate for victims of crime, secure justice, and more,” Abbott added.

Governor Abbott recently posted on Twitter, “Texas Department of Public Safety & Texas National Guard arrest illegal immigrants trespassing on private property. We put them behind bars, not catch & release. Texas continues to secure our border.”