TEXAS TOUGH: Abbott Secures 1,700 Panels from the Federal Govt. as Wall Construction Continues

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) is quietly cranking out a wall to secure the southern border. After Biden halted construction, Abbott promised to get the job done himself —and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

According to the Texas Tribune, “1,700 unused panels — declared surplus property by the federal government — have been shipped from California to help build Gov. Greg Abbott’s state-funded wall, according to spokespeople for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Texas Facilities Commission.”

“The Texas Facilities Commission, the state office in charge of Texas border wall construction, applied in November to receive the surplus panels through the federal government’s General Service Administration, a program that allows nonprofit organizations and state and local governments to receive property the federal government no longer needs,” the Tribune adds.

“Francoise Luca, a spokesperson for the Facilities Commission, said the state didn’t have to disclose to the federal government that it planned to use the panels for Texas’ border wall project, adding that the state followed the surplus program’s rules.”

The 1,700 donated panels will help build more than 1.3 miles of border wall. So, whether he realizes it or not, Biden is helping Abbott secure the southern border.