TEXAS TOUGH: Abbott Delivers 8th Migrant Bus to Joe, Promises One ‘Every Day’ Until Crisis is Addressed

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) continues to deliver bus-loads of migrants to President Biden’s doorstep in Washington D.C.. In a recent appearance on Fox News, Abbott promised the drop offs will continue “every day” until Joe & Co. step up and do something about the crisis at the border.

“We will continue the busing process every single day for the reason that I think you mentioned earlier on,” Abbott said. “And that is the Biden administration has been dumping off these migrants by the hundreds in local communities that do not have the ability to take care or deal with.”

“These migrants are being dropped off – and as opposed to them being there in these small communities or the small communities having to spend money dealing with it, we decided to bus them to Washington, D.C.,” he added.

Abbott share a clip of his appearance on Twitter; he also announced the American Governors’ Border Strike Force.

“Border security has always been a federal responsibility until the Biden Administration. I’m proud to join my fellow governors in launching the American Governors’ Border Strike Force. States are stepping up to secure the border in the federal government’s absence.”