Teachers Union Boss TORCHED for Defending ‘Tired and Exhausted’ Teachers During Pandemic

Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten faced a brutal backlash on social media over the weekend after she claimed America’s teachers were “tired and exhausted” despite many working from home for more than a year.

“Teachers are tired; they are exhausted. We have to find a way to repair and nourish them as well as families in terms of attracting and retaining our teaching force,” said Weingarten.

Weingarten was lectured on live television last week by an enraged parent in West Virginia for keeping the classrooms closed during the pandemic.

“Good morning, I mean no disrespect… But one time in our country the union was a wonderful thing. Now the union creates lazy, ineffective people, it also creates children who have no education!” said one caller.

“It’s pathetic how the teacher’s union and the government has failed our children,” he added. “I don’t see how you can sit there and defend that.”