TACO TEES DAY: Hispanic Woman Running for Congress Selling Taco Shirts Inspired by FLOTUS

She’s fundraising off FLOTUS.

Cassy Garcia, a Hispanic woman running for congress in Texas’ 28th district, is selling t-shirts inspired by Dr. Jill Biden’s Taco Gate disaster at the Latinx Luncheon on Monday; FLOTUS said Latinos are “unique as breakfast tacos.”

“Woke Democrats think Hispanics are tacos. Unfortunately for them, we’re voters,” Garcia captioned the post. “Help me beat Joe Biden’s ‘Latinx’ puppet,” she added in reference to her opponent incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

“Jill Biden said the quiet part out loud yesterday. Woke Democrats don’t know us or our culture. Their understanding of Hispanics goes no deeper than a taco. Unfortunately for them, we’re voters,” Garcia told The Daily Wire. “CNN and The New York Times attack me because I’m fighting for the people of my community. Hispanics want a strong economy, safe communities for our families, and an end to the chaos at the border — not the radical policies of Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, like Henry Cuellar.”

From The Daily Wire:

Garcia defeated her GOP opponent Sandra Whitten in a runoff election in May. Her matchup with Cuellar, who barely fended off a primary challenge from Jessica Cisneros, is expected to give Democrats a scare as the Party faces a predicted “Red tsunami” in the November midterm elections.

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