SWEDEN OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Sweden Lifting COVID Restrictions, ‘It’s Time to Open’

There are signs of hope across the pond as more countries continue to take steps back towards normalcy. This time, it’s Sweden who’s fed up with mandate madness. Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson made the announcement official.

“It is time to open Sweden again,” said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, announcing the restrictions would be removed from Feb. 9.

According to Fox News, “Sweden will allow people to return to restaurants with no limitation on how many people can be there, how much space there should be or opening hours. Requirements for vaccine certificates and wearing face masks on public transportation will also be removed, as well as the recommendation to limit social contacts.”

“The reason for the Swedish move is similar to that in Denmark: Although there is an increase in infection rates, it is not burdening hospitals. High vaccination rates are also making the situation look more hopeful. Andersson said 80% of all Swedes over the age of 50 have now received three vaccine doses.”