‘STONE COLD DEAD’: DeSantis Vows Use of Deadly Force Against Drug Cartels

In a recent statement at “The Gathering,” an esteemed annual forum for conservative politicians hosted by talk show icon Erik Erickson, Florida Governor and Presidential Primary Candidate Ron DeSantis made a bold declaration concerning the ongoing issue of drug smuggling at the southern border.

DeSantis vehemently declared, “We are going to authorize the use of deadly force against the cartels. If you have somebody coming in with fentanyl in their backpack–they even break through the border wall where there is wall–if they’re doing that, that’s the last thing they’re going to be able to do because we’re going to leave them stone cold dead at the border. We’re not putting up with it anymore.”

The audience responded with significant applause, indicating robust support for the hardline stance DeSantis proposed against drug cartels.