STILL GOT IT! Biden COVID Positive for 5TH Straight Day with ‘Rebound’ Syndrome

President Biden continues to test positive for COVID-19 in what physicians describe as “rebound” syndrome.

“The President continues to feel well,” wrote White House Physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor. “He is still experiencing an occasional cough, but less frequently than yesterday. He remains fever-free and in good spirits. His temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain entirely normal. His lungs remain clear.” 

“Some patients who took Pfizer’s Paxlovid after contracting the coronavirus have reported the same phenomenon: Days after they finished a five-day course of the oral drug and felt better, their Covid symptoms or a positive test result returned,” reports CNBC.

“Health experts say Paxlovid’s rebound effect doesn’t impact every patient or make it any less effective at its job, which is fighting severe illness from Covid. Still, like with so much about the pandemic, you might have some questions: How severe are rebound cases? Why do they happen? How common are they, and should you still feel comfortable taking the drug?” adds the outlet.