SPENDING JOE! Biden to Propose 4.6% Raise for ‘Federal Employees’, Biggest Bump in 20 Years

Clueless Joe Biden is poised to announce a proposed 4.6% raise for all “federal employees” as every American is paying for record high inflation and costs on consumer goods.

“Federal employees and military service members would receive average raises of 4.6 percent next January under the budget President Biden will propose in March, marking what would be the workforce’s largest salary hike in two decades, according to senior officials at two federal agencies,” reports the Washington Post.

“The pay increase would follow an average 2.7 percent raise that took effect last month for 2.1 million executive branch workers, as Biden proposed early last year. The increase took effect by default under a federal pay law after Congress took no position on the increase by the end of December,” adds the newspaper.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.