‘SOVIET-STYLE BULLS**T’: Watch Dan Bongino React to Being ‘Blacklisted’ By Tweet

Conservative talk show host Dan Bongino is responding to yesterday’s revelation that he was shadow banned by Twitter.

Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Bongino blasted the media for ignoring what he called, “the biggest story of our time.”

“All you media clowns and goons and nuts, who told me I was the crazy conspiracy theorist, tell me we live in a free country where three of the largest social media platforms, that are the new public space we can talk in, when an opinion guy like me cannot speak on these platforms, or is restricted from doing so, or banned in the YouTube, shadow banned in the case of Twitter. Tell me again how we live in a free country. You’re the fourth estate. You’re supposed to protect this stuff. You guys have a constitutional carve out, the freedom of the press. It’s literally written in the constitution. And what do you do? You ignored this story the entire time. It’s the biggest story of our time. The mass shadow banning of conservatives going on in this country by this big tech consortium.”

Ban Bongino to Fox News’ Sean Hannity

On Thursday evening, Bari Weiss revealed that the popular right-wing talk show host was, at one point, placed on Twitter’s “Search Blacklist.”

Watch the video below:

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