SOME VIEW: Host on ‘The View’ Suggests Second Amendment Created to ‘Protect Slavery’

Co-hosts on the View clashed this week over the issue of gun violence, with Sunny Hostin suggesting the origins of the Second Amendment could be rooted in the protection of slavery and the prevention of “slave revolts.”

“Gun violence is a headline in America every single day,” said Joy Behar.

“I think it’s a cultural problem and … for decades the NRA has pushed legislation that not only supported a lot of gun ownership and the proliferation of guns, but also stifled the study and spread of information about the causes of gun violence,” Hostin said after co-host Joy Behar asked what she thought was at the heart of “America’s gun problem.” 

“I’m reading an incredible book called ‘The Second’ by professor Carol Anderson, and she describes that … the right to bear arms was designed to protect slavery because our founding fathers, and others, wanted to be able to empower a local militia group to basically put down a slave revolt and protect plantation owners,” Hostin added.

Watch the revealing exchange above.