SOCIETAL BREAKDOWN: Philadelphia Introduces ‘Permanent 10PM Curfew’ for Teenagers

Officials in Philadelphia took an unprecedented step aimed at stopping staggering crime statistics this week when they approved a “permanent curfew” for teenagers throughout the city.

The new law requires everyone under the age of 17 be home by 10pm.

“There are too many young people who have been involved in crime or criminal incidents simply because they have been out late at night,” Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson said.

“When a kid gets picked up for violating curfew,” she said, “the first step is to try to reunify them with their family. If that’s unable to happen, then we’ll take them to a community resource evening center if they are close. If not, they go to the police district.”

“A young person can show their ID, not many young people have an ID card,” Gilmore Richardson said, “so maybe they have a school ID card.”