SOCIALISM FOR SALE: Renewed Interest in ‘Tax the Rich’ Merch Line After Met Gala.

Join the revolution for the low, low price of $58 a sweatshirt.

The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist is enjoying renewed interest in her pricey line of clothing and accessories post Met Gala. And despite AOC’s proclamation that her dress was a statement for the working-class, her “Tax the Rich” merchandise line may be out of their price range.

TTR merch comes in six scintillating socialist styles: a sweatshirt for $58, a tee-shirt for $27, a “dad hat” for $28, a sticker pack for $10, a mug for $27, and a tote bag for $27. 

AOC’s website calls it a “movement you can wear.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports the designer of AOC’s dress, Aurora James, owes debts and taxes in multiple states – but received pandemic relief aid.

“While James apparently has no problem stiffing the Taxman, she isn’t shy about taking money from taxpayers — her company received $41,666 in pandemic relief aid,” the Post reports.