SLEEPY JOE’S SLEEPY CROWD: Florida Congresswoman Tells Crowd to ‘Wake Up’ at POTUS Event

The Florida crowd needed some pumping up.

According to a report from the Independent Journal Review, President Biden’s Florida crowd during a Tuesday event needed to be hyped up by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

“You want to improve people’s lives? I bet some people in here want to improve people’s lives. Are you with me?” Wasserman Schultz asked the audience.

After some weak applause from the crowd, she added, “C’mon people, let’s wake up! We got the President of the United States in the house! C’mon now! I know you got a little more energy than I hear.”

Democrats are currently losing major midterm elections by double-digits, as Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis look like shoo-ins for re-election.

Watch the clip below: