‘SLAP IN THE FACE’: Iowa Rep Blasts Biden’s Begging Trip to Saudi Arabia, Admin ‘Out of Touch’

Rep. Asley Hinson (R-IA) torched President Biden during an exclusive interview with Newsmax; Hinson says the Biden Administration is ‘out of touch’ and its energy policies are destroying small businesses.

“This is a national security issue for our country, and we have those tools here at home,” Hinson said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “They have good-paying jobs for American workers, so that’s why I don’t understand why the president continues to dip into our strategic reserve.”

“They’re spending all that extra money on fuel, and in a state like mine where most of our communities are rural, people are driving 20-30 miles to go to work,” said Hinson. “That expendable income is being pinched right now, so I think it sends it absolutely the wrong message … going to our adversaries for foreign oil isn’t the answer. We should be unleashing domestic production today.”

“This is just about passing the buck and continuing the blame game,” she said. “You talk about an out-of-touch administration, this is exactly it.”

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