‘SICK OF WOKE POISON’: Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson Rips Biden Admin for Trans, Latinx Policies

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson spoke with Newsmax about the Biden Administration’s decision to stake out progressive policy positions on transgenderism and the “Latinx” community; Jackson says people are sick of it.

“I grew up in a community that was almost 60% Hispanic. I can tell you right now that Hispanic people in this country are no more excited about the schools going out and trying to chemically castrate and physically mutilate [boys and girls] than any other race in this country. The Biden Administration is so out of touch…” Jackson said.

Jackson shared the clip on Twitter, adding “The White House’s transgender agenda and “Latinx” rhetoric is an affront to the Hispanic community. It’s an affront to ALL patriotic Americans! Parents are SICK of the woke POISON that’s being pushed in our schools. If you want a NORMAL education for your kids, VOTE REPUBLICAN!”

Watch the clip below:

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden attended a “Latinx Luncheon” on Monday, and managed to offend the Hispanic community by comparing Latinos to tacos.