‘SHOOTING FOR 3’: Shocking New Details on Kavanaugh’s Would-Be Assassin Show He Had Plans to Kill More Justices

According to an FBI search warrant application, the would-be assassin of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had plans to kill more than just one member of the nation’s highest court.

Nicholas Roske carried a pistol, knife and burglary gear from Simi Valley, California to Kavanaugh’s Maryland home on June 8 with intentions to assassinate the Justice —but backed out at the alst minute.

Now we know Roske had his eye on not 1 but 3 SCOTUS Justices.

From The Daily Wire:

The FBI has requested warrants to Google accounts and online chat logs that they believe belong to the suspected attempted assassin, according to CNN. The FBI’s application included messages Roske sent online, as well as some of his search history.

When communicating with someone over the online platform Discord in May, Roske said he was “gonna stop roe v wade from being overturned” and intended to “remove some people from the supreme court.”

“Two dead judges ain’t gonna do nothing,” responded the user engaging with Roske. “You would die before you killed them all.”

“[Y]eah but I could get at least one,” Roske replied, “which would change the votes for decades to come, and I am shooting for 3.”

Roske’s sister ultimately talked him into calling the police and turning himself in.

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