SHÉ GUEVARA: AOC Says Low-Skill Jobs a ‘Myth’ Used by the Rich to ‘Justify Inhumane Conditions’

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set her sights on NYC Mayor Eric Adams this week after the Democrat said some workers in the Big Apple lack the “academic skills to sit in a corner office.”

“Low skill workers like cooks, messengers and Dunkin’ Donuts employees don’t have the academic skills to sit in a corner office,” said the Mayor during his first week on the job.

“The suggestion that any job is ‘low skill’ is a myth perpetuated by wealthy interests to justify inhumane working conditions, little/no healthcare, and low wages. Plus being a waitress has made me and many others *better* at our jobs than those who’ve never known that life,” fired-back the self-described Democratic-Socialist.