SESAMEGATE: Family Files $25 MILLION Racism Lawsuit Against ‘Sesame Place’ Over Character ‘Snub’

A Baltimore family sued the Sesame Place Theme Park this week for $25 million after a costumed character allegedly “snubbed” two young children, an act lawyers claim was based on racial animus.

From Fox News:

A family from Baltimore, Maryland, filed a $25 million federal civil rights lawsuit on Wednesday accusing the Philadelphia-area theme park Sesame Place of racial discrimination after a video went viral showing someone dressed as the Rosita character apparently denying two Black girls a hug during a parade. 

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges that four unnamed employees dressed as various Sesame Street characters ignored Quinton Burns, his daughter Kennedi Burns and other Black guests during the meet-and-greet on June 18. 

It says other Black guests also had their 14th Amendment rights violated on other instances, and the alleged discrimination targeted “several different Black children on different days” and involved the characters ignoring Black children “while openly interacting with similarly situated White children.” 

“SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment LLC, engages in pervasive and appalling race discrimination against children in the operation of Sesame Place Philadelphia,” according to the 21-page filing. 

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