SEE YOU IN COURT: Missouri Attorney General Sues School District for Promoting CRT, Hiding Documents

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has filed a lawsuit against Springfield Public Schools for promoting critical race theory and anti-racism, then trying to cover it up.

“Parents have every right to know exactly what is being taught to their children, especially when public school systems are implementing components of critical race theory and so-called ‘antiracism’ teachings in teacher trainings and applying social justice scorecards to math and other core curriculum,” said Attorney General Schmitt. 

“Springfield Public Schools has skirted our efforts to demand answers and transparency for parents who send their kids to Springfield Public Schools by demanding exorbitant fees for public records. Now, we’re taking Springfield Public Schools to court for those public records. I will always fight for parents’ rights to know exactly what schools are teaching their children.”

The lawsuit also mentions teachers were required to use an “oppression matrix” to identify their privilege.  According to the matrix, “privileged social groups” include “white people,” “male assigned at birth,” and “protestants.”