SECRETARY OF SLIM: Mike Pompeo Cuts 90 Pounds, Says it’s ‘All About Discipline’

We barely recognized him.

The former CIA director and secretary of state has been hard at work in his home gym, hitting dumbbells and his elliptical machine, to shed some unwanted lbs. Pompeo talked about his transformation in an exclusive interview with the New York Post.

“It all started on June 14, 2021, when Pompeo stepped on the scale and saw he was just pounds away from 300 for the first time in his life,” the Post says.

The next morning Pompeo woke up and told his wife, Susan: “Today is the day.”

“I started exercising, not every day, but nearly every day, and eating right and the weight just started to come off,” he says.

“Pompeo, 58, tries to hit his home gym five, six times a week and stay at it for a half-hour or so. He says, “There was no trainer, there was no dietician. It was just me.”

“Although the truth is losing weight has been a lifetime struggle for me… For me it’s about getting it right and being sufficiently disciplined.”

Pompeo still drops by IHOP now and again – a family tradition – but makes sure to stick to the healthier side of the menu: egg whites and turkey bacon.

Read the full interview over at The New York Post: