‘SCIENCE’: Rutgers Bars Unvaxxed Student Learning Remotely 70 Miles Off Campus

Logan Hollar, a 22-year old student enrolled at Rutgers University, has been barred from taking classes – even though he’s studying remotely, 70 miles away, in New Brunswick.

“I believe in science, I believe in vaccines, but I am highly confident that COVID-19 and variants do not travel through computer monitors by taking online classes,” Hollar’s stepfather Keith Williams told NJ.com.

According to the New York Post, “Rutgers spokeswoman Dory Devlin insisted that the university has ‘provided comprehensive information and direction to students to meet vaccine requirements through several communications channels.’”

“I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university,” Hollar told NJ.com. “I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor.”

Dana Loesch had a one-word reaction to the story on Twitter: